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Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) / Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.)

What is the difference between BE and B Tech?

Both B.E and B.Tech are graduate level programs that offer students an opportunity to pursue a career in Engineering . Though these might seem similar, they have quite a few differences. These courses have duration of 4 years. They have 8 semesters with 2 each year. The details are as follows:

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E)

The minimum qualification needed by one to opt for this program is a pass in class 10+2. They will then have to attend for the national or state level entrance exam as to get admittance into any college that offers this course. The B.E. program concentrates more on the theoretical knowledge that is applied to develop innovative equipments and useful technical gadgets in Science and Technology. This program is pursued by many and the degree thus obtained can be of use anywhere. As mentioned earlier, the program has a time period of 4 years. Students must do a project in their concluding year.

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech)

The Bachelor of Technology is a graduate level program that is offered by the majority of universities all over the world. To join this course, aspirants must attend the state level or national level Engineering Entrance Exam. They will be given admittance on the basis of their scores obtained in the admission test. The B Tech course is more of a practical oriented program. This means that this course applies the principles of engineering and technology to modify structures and thereby enhance their quality. This is done by the application of the latest technology available.

Key Difference between BE and B.Tech

  • The most obvious difference between the two is that BE is Bachelor of Engineering and B Tech is Bachelor of Technology.
  • The course materials as well as orientation of these programs are quite dissimilar.
  • While BE is data orientated, B.Tech is skill orientated. BE is more of a study based on theory and B.Tech is more of application engineering.

Which course is better?

One will never be able to decide which course is better between the two. Both these courses have their own importance and place in the society. If a student wishes to join a field that is engaged with the manufacturing of electronic equipments, then the BE field is more suitable for him. If a person wishes to join a field that makes electronic equipments more attractive by modifying them, then the B.Tech course is more suitable. There are lots of specializations available in both these fields for students to choose from. Students can choose either of these fields on the basis of their plans for the future and their strengths.



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