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Distance Master of Business Administration (Distance MBA)

What is a distance MBA program?

Definition of distance MBA:
An MBA program in which the course content can be imparted without your physical presence in a class falls under the category of a distance MBA program.

Why would someone choose a distance MBA program?

For experienced senior professionals considering an MBA education in another geographical location, the option of a full-time or part-time MBA program may be ruled out considering that at this point, they'd be well-settled with a family and taking a break from work or relocating to a new place for year or two would bring about several disruptions.

Executive MBA programs come with a steep price tag. You must also take into account the additional costs involved for travel to attend the sessions. This may not be a viable option for many.

Considering that most other options are ruled out, the most practical as well as economical alternative for such folks would be a distance MBA program.

What are the other advantages of a distance MBA program?

1. Such a program would save you the opportunity cost that you'd bear if you were unemployed for the one/two years you'd spend doing your full-time MBA.

2. If case of international MBA program, the cost of a distance MBA program would be way lesser compared to a full-time MBA. The tuition fees would be lower; you'd also be saving on the cost of living in an international location and other associated costs.

3. These programs usually have a flexible schedule. It allows you the convenience of completing the course requirements while you continue with your professional commitments. If you need a break due to your work pressure or on account of any personal reason, usually your program should allow you that. For example, at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School, you may complete the program in as little as 18 or as many as 36 months.

4. Even if you were to change your location or you have travel involved, it's possible to continue with your program.

5. You can apply the business concepts that you learn at your workplace.

Dan Bursch, director of the online MBA at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School is of the opinion that the number of online MBA program would continue to take a grip and evolve and it won't be long before you see half of the top 20 business schools having their online MBA programs.

What are the various types of distance MBA programs?

Before the onset of online MBA programs, correspondence courses were popular where the printed material would be delivered to you. This would require a lot of dedication on your part as self-study would be involved. In addition to the course material, there may be some audio/video learning aids to assist the learning process. At the end, you'd be evaluated through assignments and exams. This mode of delivery is still in use in India.

Technology has revolutionised the delivery methods of distance education. Distance MBA in the form of online MBA and hybrid MBA is gaining popularity with reputed international b schools offering these programs. Hybrid MBA programs differs from an online MBA as it would have some on-campus element (multiple immersion experiences) in addition to the online delivery of content used by online MBA programs.

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